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At the ORION login page: click "Referral Portal".

Referral Portal button

Choose the referral type from the "Select referral type" drop-down, the referral form will appear. You will need an ORION account to complete the referral, if necessary click "Create new ID?" to register.

Once you have an account complete the fields on the referral form and the patient demographics, then click "Submit"

Open the ORION Referral pdf

At the ORION login page:

click "Register for new account" and follow the process.

Register for new account

Please note: If you require access to an ORION application your account will need to be approved before data access privileges are assigned to your role.

Email us at to request access stating the application you require access to, your institution and role and we shall endeavour to gain approval on your behalf.

Open the ORION Introduction pdf

Your user-id would have been emailed to you when your ORION account was created.

If you no longer have access to this email please call ORION support on 01223 941920 or email from your email account that is registered with ORION.

Support is available 9am - 5pm daily.

You currently have no database access but if you need to make a referral please click the "Referral Portal" button.

Referral Portal button

If you need access to an application hosted on ORION please email using the email account that you registered with ORION stating the application that you need access to, your institution and your role. Support is available 9am - 5pm daily, we shall respond as soon as we are able.

This error appears when you are resetting your password but have typed the wrong answer to the arithmetic in the image verification window.

Image verification picture

Please note that you have to enter the result of the arithmetic rather than typing the characters you see.

You can view a referral you have made via the Referral Portal for up to 12 days by entering in the single access section the code & PIN emailed to you when the referral was submitted.

Single access picture

If the referral is older than 12 days please call ORION support on 01223 941920.

If your institution has Referral Dashboard access you can view all historic referrals for your team by logging-in to ORION.

For security purposes we do not have access to user passwords.

To reset your password please click the "Forgotten password?" link and follow the process.

Forgotten Password

For other queries:
- 01223 914920 (9am-5pm, daily)
- (for identifiable information, please use from an accredited, secure email system).